Year 1, The Shining Team

The Year 1, The Shining Team only
The MATHRACY Project Goes ARTistic
Visualise – Connect – Make judgements
The Gozo College is organising a popularization event for year 1 students at the Lunzjata Valley. During this event, students have the opportunity to apply prior knowledge while carrying out various mathematical, literacy as well as artistic skills.
The event entitled ‘The MATHRACY Project Goes ARTistic’ will be held on Tuesday, 21st March 2017. The aim of this event is to engage students in hands on mathematics, literacy and creative arts while promoting reasoning and higher order thinking skills outside the classroom. Parents are invited to participate in this experience. A parental meeting on maths and literacy skills will be held. Later parents can actively participate during the workshops with their children.
Please fill in and bring these:
1. parental consent;
2. wear school track suit and cap
3. bring pencil case; colours; clipboard with booklet
4. packed lunch  

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