School Activities: 9th Monday – 13th Friday January 2017

Monday:  9th January, 2017:  

Start of Second Term

Nominations for Teachers and Parents to take part in the School Council 

Tuesday:  10th January, 2017: 

Speech Therapist 

HoS meets new College Principal (Dr D Mifsud) at Education Office

Happy birthday Abi!  All the best!

Wednesday:  11th January, 2017: 

Ms J Farrugia attends: “Active Maths Think Tank”

Thursday:  12th January, 2017 

No P.E. (Primary)

PSCD + guest speaker:  Mr Thomas Camilleri:  Career Advisor 

Friday, 13th January, 2017 

Mass at 8,45am at school

Kinder 1 and Kinder 2:  Maths Trail in Villa Rundle

Dental Hygienist at 9.30am at school 

Hat Day 

SFC: Apples and Clementines



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