School Council Elections 2017 – 2018

School Council Elections are being held as per Education Act 1988 on Tuesday 31 January 2017 in all State Schools in Malta and Gozo.  The School Council is made up of:

  • A President nominated by the Minister for Education and Employment
  • A Secretary / Treasurer who is the Head of School
  • Three representatives elected among the School Teaching grades, LSAs, KGAs
  • Three representatives elected among the Parents/Guardians whose children attend this School.

Three parents/guardians who are ready to serve on the School Council are required.  The excellent work and dedication of members who served on previous Councils left positive results in our school.  Parents/guardians are therefore encouraged to participate in these elections by either volunteering as Council Members or by nominating other parents/guardians of children in the school.  Participation in these elections is of utmost importance and your cooperation is greatly appreciated in the best interests of the school and the students.  Each parent is entitled to one vote and voting can take place by post or by sending the completed Voting Document in a sealed envelope with your child or by bringing the Voting Document you received to the school and submitting your vote personally on 31 January 2017 between 07:30 and 14:30

Nomination forms can be collected from the School Office.

Nomination forms can be collected from your child’s school as from Monday 9th January 2017 or they can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry for Education and Employment. Each nomination is to be seconded by another parent/guardian whose children attend the school.  One can nominate him/herself. Nominations are to reach the Head of School by not later than Wednesday 18 January 2017 

You will be notified after this date if there were enough nominations for an election to be held.



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