School Council Elections – Your participation matters!

School Council Elections at the friendly school will be held in January 2017. The results of these elections will determine the composition of the School Council for the period between January 2017 and December 2018.

School Councils at the Primary and Secondary Level are made up of  a President, the Head of School, three parents  and three teachers. Both parents  and teachers are elected, the former by parents/guardians of  students and the latter by the school’s teaching grades, LSAs and KGAs.

The role of these Councils is not limited to fund raising and similar activities.

School Councils are entitled  to:

  • administer the School Council funds and assetsof the school
  • discuss the school environment and the school amenities and  propose ways to         ameliorate them
  • discuss the curriculum and the educational servicesoffered by the school and makesuggestions to the Department of Education regarding changes or additions to thecurriculum
  • alert the Minister of Education, or anyofficial nominated by him, to shortcomings existing in the school and othermatters related to the school
  • discuss and monitor any environmental problems
  • discuss any problems related to students’ well-being


Parents are encouraged to  use their right of  contesting and to vote in the forthcoming School Council Elections

As Parents  your participation matters

Important Dates:

  9th January 2017:    Opening of Nominations

18th January 2017:    Closure  of Nominations

31st January 2017:    Voting day (you can also send your vote through the post or

    with your  son/daughter) 

Group of People's Hands Holding Word Vote



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