School Activities between Monday 5th and Saturday 10th December

Monday, 5th December:  

Photo with Father Christmas:  pupils come dressed in casual wear.

Eye-testing by School Medical Doctor for pupils in K2,Y4 and Y5

Students’ Council / Eco-School Committee Meeting

School finishes at 12pm due to SDP afternoon

School Staff will be having their first S(chool) D(evelopment) P(lan) afternoon for the First Term.  They will discuss the actions agreed upon in June 2016 and the way forward.  Gently send any suggestions to   

My journey towards the grotto Day 2


Tuesday, 6th December: 

Head lice check-up by Dr A Gatt 

Activity at Cittadella for pupils in Y4,5,6.  

My journey towards the grotto Day 3


Wednesday, 7th December: 

Surprise for pupils in Y4,5,6

Yr1 visit Civic Amenity Facility, Trekking and more by Activity Teachers sponsored by Eco-Gozo

Aqra Mieghi activity resumes today, at 8.45am 

My journey towards the grotto Day 4


Thursday, 8th December:

Public Holiday:  Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Open day in all Museums in Gozo and Malta except for some like Hypogeum (please see other post for more details)  


Friday, 9th December: 

Football Festival at the Don Bosco Oratory 

Mass at Ta’ Pinu icw Puttinu Cares.  Minister and Bishop will attend.  We will offer our donations as per our collection during November’s Uniform Free Day

Gozo Live Reading Celebration at the Boys Secondary School starting at 4pm

Yr 4 Parents need to attend a meeting about tablets at Xewkija Primary School’s hall, starting at 9am either today, Friday, or tomorrow, Saturday at 9am, same venue. 

My journey towards the grotto Day 5


Saturday, 10th December: 

9am-10am:  Milied Tfuliti at Lunzjata Valley…not to be missed!  We are going to participate!!


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