Milied Tfuliti

Attention:  Kinder and Primary

Christmas – the way I used to celebrate it – Milied Tfuliti f’Wied il-Lunzjata

Date: Saturday, 10th December, 2016

Between 9am and 10am, our school will be involved in this activity.  All pupils, parents and friends are invited to attend. A crib with pupil-enactors will be created.

Programme:  at 9am the parents and their children will gather just in front of the old house at Lunzjata Valley.  If possible, pupils come dressed like angels or shepherds.  They will be accompanied down the valley with musicians playing local, traditional music instruments. A programme will take place along the valley:  in the grotto;  near the fresh water spring and in the medieval chapel. Pupils will be given a memento.  There will also be an exhibition about Christmas and stands.  You can park your car in the adjacent roads leading to the valley.


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