€2 Commemorative Coin for Christmas … as a present

The Central Bank has teamed up with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation and will be issuing a special €2 coin. The design of this coin was sent to us via a competition we organised for secondary students. The winner was Ms Sarah Cilia and her design will be on this commemorative coin.

H.E. President Coleiro Preca will be launching the coin on 28 November. Attached  kindly find a copy of the poster with the actual coin design. A new competition will be launched in January for the second coin in a set of five coins.

All proceeds from the coin will go to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. I am kindly asking you to encourage students and members of staff to take this opportunity to buy the first coin for €7. Once they collect all five coins the value of the coins will increase substantially as the set will be a collectors’ item. Moreover, the coin will make an original Christmas gift and at the same time the students and staff will be showing their solidarity to those less fortunate than themselves. 

Your support for such a worthwhile cause is kindly solicited. Kindly note that participation is entirely voluntary.




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